Executive Coaching

At enhance, we view coaching as a partnership, where both sides work together to reach an agreed destination.

Our partnership aims to bring about sustained behavioural change which transforms the quality of your working and personal life.

periodic one-on-one coaching ranked as the number 1 key to being a successful leader

as per Google staff study

Enhance coaching will help you:

  • improve your Communication skills, which develops your leadership skills and management effectiveness
  • improve your Decision Making by acting as a sounding board and exploring different options
  • increase your Self-Awareness and emotional intelligence by providing constructive and honest feedback
  • improve your Relationship Building skills, essential in all management and leadership roles
  • overcome Obstacles by helping you consider different mindsets and approaches
  • by providing a person who actively listens to you, freeing the creativity of your mind
  • build a personal Support Structure to help manage stress & pressures


Self-belief, self-motivation, choice, clarity, commitment, awareness, responsibility and action are the products of coaching


Your business will benefit from your personal development, seeing:

  • increased ownership and commitment from those undertaking coaching
  • improved performance at individual and team level
  • improved staff engagement and retention
  • improved leadership and management effectiveness
  • even better results – directly impacting your overall business performance and your bottom line


Contact us to arrange your no-obligation 30-minute coaching session with one of our coaches.