Coaching and Mentoring for ambitious FDs and CFOs

We provide coaching, mentoring, or a mixture of both, for Financial Directors and Chief Financial Officers.

Our Coaches are members of the International Coaching Federation, have trained as coaches and have also held Finance Director or CFO positions. We believe this allows us to provide very focused career development for Finance Directors / CFOs.

For Coaching

We focus on coaching and developing your leadership and people skills. Different situations benefit from different leadership styles to get the best out of your staff.

We coach you to become a more effective leader through:

  • Increasing your self-awareness of the leadership styles you employ
  • Developing new leadership styles and practicing when to employ them
  • Improving the versatility and impact of your leadership styles

We also coach on a number of other areas including:

  • Decision making
  • Confidence
  • Stakeholder management
  • Project delivery

Our coaching is about getting you from good to great, improving your impact on the business in which you work.

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For Mentoring

Our Team are all Finance Directors/CFOs, and some have held COO or CEO positions too. Our Coaches are able to share their experiences with you, help input into your situation and also provide you with a valuable sounding board.

We have delivered over 7,000 hours of mentoring, in a variety of businesses, to Board Directors, senior and middle managers.

If you have a “How do I …?” question, one of our team may well be able to help you answer the question or advise on a specific project. Projects covered range from Investor relations to ERP implementations.

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Aspiring Finance Directors

Having progressed through the ranks to achieve the Finance Director / CFO position in substantial businesses, we can guide you through your career options available.

  • help you clarify your goals and choose the next step
  • help you understand the skill and experience requirements for your chosen next step
  • help you really understand your strengths and how best to employ them
  • help you work on the development areas

We have coached many aspiring Finance Directors to help them make the jump into an FD position. We have also coached Finance Directors in their first FD role to help them get to grips with the reality of their first six months in their new position.

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