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Meet Jess Coles sPicture

“Having a coach and mentor in the first six months of my first MD role added real value for me and the business. He was an invaluable sounding board to sense-check my thinking before acting and reacting to company situations. I’d readily recommend to other MDs.”

Jonathan Simpson Tarling, Managing Director, Banking Automation

“I’m now six months into the role which has, as expected, presented me with significant challenges and my coach has been there to support me every step of the way with encouragement when I needed it, offering challenge when appropriate and simply providing affirmation whenever I’ve been hesitant or unconfident. I would recommend my coach to anyone taking on their first FD role.”

Shaun Wildman, Finance Director, McAuliffe

“My coach has helped me in what can sometimes be a fairly lonely role, by being someone I can call for advice, bounce ideas off of, for guidance or just a general chat. My coach provides valuable insights into a business from a financial, commercial and strategic perspective. I would highly recommend my coach to business owners/managing directors and finance professionals.”

Connie Schemmer, Head of Finance, Craster

“It was my first experience with Coaching and I need to admit that the whole experience exceeded my expectations. I contacted my coach in a quite critical moment of my professional career and she guided me in the process to structure my thinking and looking the problem from different angles with the pertinent questions and reflections that allowed me to find the answers by myself and gain new tools to face the challenges coming”

C. Arguedas, Director, Danone

“My Coach is a quick thinking, straight talking coach who will get you to where you need to be within your business. He draws from his personal learning, expertise and experiences, as well as your own. He allows me a safe space to try and fail in order to learn and is infectious in his enthusiasm for what he does, which in turn motivates me. I can’t recommend his mentorship highly enough, especially if you want to up-skill and challenge your set ways and perspectives”

Charlotte Thompson, COO

“Professional and flexible, and I’m particularly grateful for the level of robust challenge that has helped us refine and improve on our initial ideas, and my coach has added a lot of value along the way”

Hannah Leyro Diaz, Prostate Cancer UK

“My coach helped to value my strengths and focus me on the key things that could make the difference. Thanks to coaching I improved working together with my team and increased my trust and confidence in them.”

E. Moreno, Leuven

“During my coaching sessions I have seen positive improvements, not only in my attitude towards change but also on the process towards achievement of my goals.”

M. Carrillo, Operations Manager, DHL

“Challenges one’s thinking in a proactive and highly valuable way and he is a constant source of invaluable and reliable business advice and support”.

Sue Higgins, Owner & Founder

“My coach has been instrumental in helping me define, prioritise and focus on key activities and actions to support a career move and overall get a better work-life balance

C Lafage, Johnson Matthey