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Coaching to Improve Decision Making


Before Being Coached

As an FD, I always have decisions to make. Some are very straightforward, some are not. Our company’s board politics are fairly full on.

Showing indecision or asking for help was a no. I missed being able to bat ideas around without consequence.

After a lot of thought, I finally decided to get a FD coach from outside the business.

The Coaching Sessions

In many ways it was a relief to be able to discuss my ideas freely, get quizzed on my assumptions and get honest feedback. It made me think in different ways.

The Effects of Being Coached

I really noticed the improvement in my thinking around those tough decisions. I got prepared answers to deal with those tricky questions from the MD.

I got compliments from my colleagues and they listened more.

I started to change the way I asked questions of the other directors and really listened to their responses, resulting in better relationships with them. It was great.