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Coaching For Stress Management


Before Being Coached

I had just started my first FD role with a new business. I knew that it would be a challenge going into the role as the company had been overtrading and was about to run out of cash. The pressure on me was huge and I was having a lot of sleepless nights.

I worried about all the tasks to do, getting my team behind me and frankly if I could take the responsibility and pressure over a number of months.

The MD took a little convincing but in the end was really supportive of getting a FD coach to help me over the first 6 months

The Coaching Sessions

It was my first FD role and I needed to make the right choice first time given the business situation.

It was a huge relief to be able to talk through what I was planning with an FD who had been where I was before.

With added confidence, I felt the pressure dropping with each session we did.

The Effects of Being Coached

I was able to make a real difference to the business and we got through a difficult period.

For me, it was an amazing learning experience, a great CV building period and it really cemented my credibility as a good FD with my colleagues and external peers.