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Coaching for ERP Projects


Before Being Coached

As a FD, I had worked on ERP systems before but not run a project heavily configuring four difference systems and integrating them.

I felt way out of my comfort zone and was getting increasingly worried that we would miss something or I would make the wrong decision. The business relied on the project to be a success, adding to the pressure.

Given the importance of the project, I approached the CEO for sign off on a Mentor to help me through this project.

The Coaching Sessions

It gave me a huge amount of confidence to be able to chat through the planned steps with a person who had done similar projects before.

With the Mentor to asking the right questions, I sharpened my thinking and learnt a lot in the process. Having an expert alongside me helped with the speed and confidence of my decision making.

The Effects of Being Coached

The project was a real success for the business and for me.

It made a big difference to my career and development. Looking back, I am so glad I pushed for a mentor.