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Coaching for an FD Position


Before Being Coached

I had worked my way up to Financial Controller. I really wanted promotion to the Finance Director position. I was finding it surprisingly hard to break through to FD both internally and in the external market.

Getting help was a big decision for me to make, one that I thought would pay back quickly if I got an FD role.

The Coaching Sessions

I started working with a Coach who was an experienced FD. We focused a lot on my skills and achievements, how to think about them, how to position them in interview and what they would mean to a potential employer.

I worked on my performance within the day job so I was putting myself in a good position internally.

I found coaching incredibly useful in thinking about my skills, where I could improve and what might help, with my coach challenging me, asking probing questions and really getting me to think.

The Effects of Being Coached

I got a really good FD position within 5 months of starting coaching and I have not looked back. Coaching was one of the best investments that I have ever made and would recommend to anyone looking for their first FD position.