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Coaching First Six Months


Before Being Coached

I was really excited to accept an offer for my first Finance Director position. It was my goal ever since starting a finance career and I had finally achieved it.

To go with the excitement was a little anxiety about how I was going to do in the new role and what I had to deliver.

On starting the FD role, I found the change in responsibility was the key difference. I needed to lead the finance function and also help lead the business. Everything I did and how I did it was under the microscope. It was pretty daunting.

My MD was really supportive and suggested I got a coach for the first 6 months.

The Coaching Sessions

It was incredibly useful to have a sounding board, a person to ask probing questions and really challenge your thinking.

It gave me a huge amount of confidence and this really came out in how I worked with my team and other staff in the business.

The Effects of Being Coached

I was really able to make the most of my first six months in the FD role.

I felt I transformed into the role much more quickly and confidently than I would have done if I didn’t have a coach.