Articles & interviews

Have you grown with your business?

Are you feeling left behind despite your business’ success?




Help: The stigma of a 4 letter word.

Why is asking for help in a business situation seen as admitting a weakness?




New Year, New You?

Making a change is always hard. Taking the first step is always the hardest.




Spend time to make time

You’re in the office, with a large to do list and a queue lining up beside your desk. Sound familiar?




When the going gets tough, the tough call their coaches

Coming back fighting in the face of adversity – it’s all about mental strength and support




What skeletons are lurking in your closet?

How do you make sure nothing untoward happens on your watch?

We drill down into the 3 areas that will give you peace of mind




How much is your Finance Director worth?

We look at how your FD can actively add value to your company



3 mins with James Davenport, COO of innocent Drinks


3 mins with Jonathan Simpson Tarling, MD of Banking Automation 






3 mins with Hannah Leyro Diaz, Director of Finance and Operations, Youth Business International


Is your bonus scheme fit for purpose?

Our 6-step health check for your company’s Bonus Scheme




Guilty of fraud or incompetence?

Headlines about a company being investigated for ‘Accounting Irregularities’ send shivers down the necks of accountants nationwide.




FD series: 5 pointers for landing your first FD role

We cover a number of areas to consider as you work towards your first Finance Director role

FD series: avoid being lonely at the top

Two key actions to keep you smiling as Finance Director

FD series: How do you behave as a new FD?

Transform yourself from team player to company leader

Your guide to coaching & mentoring

We shed light on the lingo