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Leadership is tough. You are constantly in the spotlight; every decision, action and statement made is scrutinised by those around you. Add to this the pressure to perform individually, and through your team, and deliver results for the business – the pressure can be relentless.

As you climb from middle management to board level, these pressures increase and change. Increasingly your main role is to manage relationships of all kinds – colleagues, customers, suppliers, investors – to deliver results.

Your own self-awareness and emotional discipline play an increasingly bigger role in influencing these relationships for good or bad. To get the most out of the people around you, flexing your leadership style to the situation is a key skill.

The more senior you become, the greater your influence on the career progression of other and the harder it is to get useful feedback to enable you to learn and improve. The less feedback you get, the harder it is to know what is going well and what is not, and the harder it is to learn and improve.

Learning bespoke to you

Leadership coaching provides

  • An individually tailored learning and feedback programme just for you
  • Confidential learning, so you can tackle the areas that really matter without repercussions
  • Confidence through practicing skills and role-playing scenarios in a safe environment
  • New thinking and behaviours – giving you space to explore what is holding you back and what to dial up
  • Accountability – for your own learning and skills development. (We will prod and push to help you take action)

Why enhance Coaching?

Our coaches are all leaders. We have been through the emotional ups and downs, the learning challenges and the performance pressures of leading teams and businesses. And we continue to push ourselves to learn.

We have coached board level, senior leaders and middle management individuals to better personal performance, to promotions, to greater confidence and better self-awareness.

And we have

  • Professional Coaching Training accredited by the International Coaching Federation
  • Thousands of hours of mentoring business leaders in addition to coaching skills
  • Decades of business experience, at board level and down

Next Step

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Rohit, Divisional Director

“I had delivered great results as a Divisional Director in a large corporate and been repeatedly told my performance was very good. Despite this, there was resistance to my promotion which was frustrating and demotivating. I started working with a coach – Jess Coles – to overcome this resistance. Coaching enabled me to take different approaches, resulting in better recognition of my value to the team and business. I got the promotion that I had been looking for. I would recommend Jess to anyone looking to gain promotion within their business”


Juan, Head of Marketing

“The sessions with Jess increased my awareness about myself and how my work is perceived in the company, and enabled me to make better decisions and work in more efficient ways. The improvement was acknowledged by my superiors and I was given a promotion so it’s safe to say that the coaching was a resounding success.”



Jonathan, Managing Director

JonathanHaving a coach and mentor in the first six months of my first MD role added real value for me and the business. He was an invaluable sounding board to sense-check my thinking before acting and reacting to company situations. I’d readily recommend to other MDs  



Shaun, Finance Director

Shaun I’m now six months into the role which has, as expected, presented me with significant challenges and my coach has been there to support me every step of the way with encouragement when I needed it, offering challenge when appropriate and simply providing affirmation whenever I’ve been hesitant or unconfident. I would recommend my coach to anyone taking on their first FD role


Iain, Finance Director

My coach has been pivotal to helping me unearth strengths, and decide what I do next. They have acted as a professional, impartial sounding board, drawing out the key issues, and helping me formulate action plans to overcome these. I would recommend to anyone how is at a crucial point in their career, or needs help to navigate uncertainty.