Jess Coles – Leadership Coach

Coaching Qualifications: Professionally trained, International Coaching Federation Member
Coaching Specialisms: Leadership and Career/Promotion coaching
Leadership experience: 20 years leading and managing teams
Board Director for: 6 years
Board Director Roles: Group Finance Director, CEO, Non-Executive Director
2 “Best Team” awards won: national magazine and internal company awards

Leadership Coaching:

I have been managing and leading teams for over 20 years: in high pressure turnaround situations, high growth start-ups through to developing teams in steady state corporate environments.

Like everyone, you start with no experience and you improve. I made (and still make) mistakes. I was willing to work on myself, to look as objectively as possible at my shortcomings, my assumptions and my needs. I sought feedback and development. I was lucky to have some excellent managers to guide me at various stages. Over time I got better. I understood more about my strengths, my management styles, beliefs and values and what I could give to my team.

I, and the teams in which I have worked, have won both company and national magazine awards for best team.

I trained professionally as a coach, partly to further develop my leadership skills, but also to be useful to others in developing their leadership skills. I coach CEOs through to middle level managers in leadership skills.

I have seen many times how a strong team can deliver exceptional results.

Please book in a 30-minute no-obligation coaching session with me to experience how I can help develop your leadership skills.

Career / Promotions coaching:

I have interviews over a 1,000 people as a hiring manager. I have hired over 100 roles. I have been promoted most years. I have also changed from a corporate career to an entrepreneur twice over.

Getting promoted is not just about how good you are at your job. Research suggests that promotions are based on: your performance (10%), your image or how people view you (30%) and what your exposure is within your company (60%). Your people skills and how you come across are critical. This applies for internal roles or roles at another company.

You are employed to solve problems. Understanding what the problem is, and advertising your strengths (providing they match the problem) at all stages of getting a role, make a huge difference to your success.

Please book in a 30-minute no-obligation coaching session with me to experience how I can support you in your next career move.

Business Background

I have spent over 20 years delivering performance improvements across a number of companies, national and international and in different states. Typically, these have been in fast growth or turnaround situations. I always enjoyed the challenge.

I have sat on the board of several companies with turnover ranging from £5m to £150m. For most of my career I have worked alongside colleagues from all functions within businesses – Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance and HR. I have very broad business experience gained from working in corporates through to start-ups.

I am a keen investor and entrepreneur.

Career history

Innocent Drinks, Fosters, Treasury Wine Estates, E&Y, PA Consulting, Petroplan, Williams Lea, A&O, Prostrate Cancer UK, and a number of SMEs


Away from the office, my family is a big focus and very important to me. I teach Karate (and have for over 15 years), play tennis, read business books & fiction and enjoy being active and outdoors.